LED street lighting solutions are based on sketches, technical ideas and legal regulations. We provide an accurate lighting calculation, which is a basis for project documentation and production.


LED outdoor luminaires are designed for the following areas:

  • roads: local, highways, junctions, roundabouts, tunnels, pedestrian crossings
  • urban environment: markets, parks, driveways, parking lots
  • industrial environment: illumination of large areas and industrial buildings
  • areas without electricity: solar lighting


Production, service and warranty:

  • Six different models from 8W to 300W
  • Made of high- strength corrosion-proof powder-coated die-cast aluminum and flat tempered glass
  • The latest generation of components from world-renowned manufacturers is built-in to ensure the high efficiency of luminaries
  • The LED luminaires are custom made, so they can have different colour temperatures (K) and luminous flux (Lm) and different lens - optics on request
  • Minimum order quantity is not required
  • Production and service in Slovenia
  • Years of experience in outdoor and indoor lighting
  • They are assembled modularly, made for easy replacement of parts
  • LED modules have a lifetime of at least 100.000 hours
  • The products have a 5-year warranty, service guaranteed


Technical specifications:

  • UV resistant
  • Pressure equalizer installed
  • IP 66, IK 09
  • CE, RoHS
  • Class I or Class II protection
  • The glitter limit is according to EN 13201:2015
  • Operating voltage range from 200V to 260V
  • Temperature range from ‒30 °C to +50 °C


Operating modes:

  • Without reduction
  • Virtual Midnight with 50 % and multi-stage light reduction without a control cable
  • Implemented with DALI control
  • Combination with a photocell
  • Smart City