Basic applications

Basic applications

Trough; decoration part for growing plants. Trough is made of galvanized steel and protected with high quality powder coating. Trough can be modified into various forms of waste bin.

Solar panel; collects sunlight and produces electricity

LED light; various selection of colours.

Advanced applications

Electrical bicycle charging, can be used also for other electrical mobile applications such as Segway, electric scooter, etc.

Screen (electronic or basic) with content for advertisement, tourist information, etc.

Signpost, for different directions

Bicycle holder

LED display; time, date and temperature

Emergency call on 112

Camera, for recording events in surrounding.

Sensor for detection of movement, for security or switching on other applications.

Alarm, for sound signals.

Weather forecast: Thermometer, wind measurements, precipitation meter.

Tablet with Braille letters.

Advanced applications
Advanced applications
Advanced applications