List of additional applications to complement the basic model

Wifi access point

Enables internet to users


Provides a clean environment

Bicycle holder

Provides bicycle parking.


Charger for e-bikes, electric skateboards and electric wheelchairs.

Troughs with plants.

Ornamental part that enables the cultivation of ornamental plants. The sinks are made of galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel, do not rust and are resistant to all weather conditions. The colour of the troughs is adapted to the wishes of the customer.


Allows connection to mobile devices. Can be connected via BT or cable.


For cooling in hot summer days.


Shows air temperature


For listening radio stations.


Intended for observation of distant surroundings. Suitable for viewing points.

Wind meter

Shows wind data.

Rain gauge

Shows raind data.

Weather forecast display

Shows weather forecast..

Multimedia display

Shows multimedia on demand.

IOT device

Designed for notices to people near the solar station. Messages that may contain content (natural sights, places of interest, basic information about the place, notifications, alarms, web links, advertisements, etc.) are displayed on the phone screen.

Multicolour LED lamp for colourtherapy

Green is relaxing and can be used in locations such as parks, beaches, etc. The bus stop may have a yellow or white light colour. Users can choose the colour. of light.

Display with advertisements

For advertisement purposes.

Content space for advertising

Allows you to attach bulletin boards.

Selfie frame

Allows to users to make funny selfies

Braille tablet

Braille tablet.

Headphone jack for the blind and partially sighted

Headphone jack for the blind and partially sighted

External gym accessories

Weights and other fitness equipment.

Emergency call

Provides direct connection to 112.

Motion detector

Lets you turn on other detection-based applications.


Provides audible signals to alert the surroundings.

Safety camera

It allows video monitoring of events in the surrounding area.


For easier orientation of travellers.

Bird house

Bird house.

Electric fence

Provides animals insurance