Production of OG Ballasts at full capacity

We are proud to announce that Elkosun’s production on OG magnetic ballast production line (OGLI, OGLS and OGLIS), where Elkosun continues to produce ex-Tridonic top quality high wattage magnetic ballasts, has met all expectations and is progressing with full capacity. The quality of OG products as well as the installed capacity have been implemented at the same level as they were in Tridonic’s production in the plant Fürstenfeld. The production of OGLI, OGLS and OGLIS ballasts in Maribor, Slovenia has started on January the 15th 2014, first deliveries went out on February the 3rd and since then OG ballasts are coming out of the production line every week. Until the end of April Elkosun supplied exactly 14.901 OG ballasts to its clients. All Elkosun’s OG product types carry exactly the same specifications, designations and the same ENEC certificates that Tridonic used in the past.

ZRM 20 ignitors production

In March 2014 Elkosun has also started the production on the ZRM 20 line, the production line for high wattage ignitors from Tridonic. With this line, Elkosun is now able to offer full support to its clients in the whole specter of magnetic technology for high wattage HID lamps.

EC and OM ballast replacement

In addition to the OG ballasts and ZRM 20 ignitors, Elkosun also produces a full range of ENEC-certified magnetic ballasts for HID, fluorescent and UV lamps. Many of our products are perfect replacement for Tridonic’s discontinued EC and OM ballasts. Please find the full range of our products in our new catalogue. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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